Growing Damask Rose

Summer Damask Rose and Autumn Damask Rose

The Damask rose trace its origin from ancient times nearly parallel to that of the Gallica roses.

Damask roses are thought to have been widely cultivated in Persia.

The first Damask rose to reach Europe were most likely brought by Crusaders returning to the Holy Land.

Their arching canes are thorny with long leaves and grow into an open, elegant shrub.

Damasks are loved for their powerful sweet fragrance that are used in perfumes and scented bath products.

The Damasks are divided into the once-blooming Summer Damasks.

And the Autumn Damasks, which repeat-flower modestly into fall.

Examples of Damask Roses

'Autumn Damask' (ancient), also known as Rosa damascena bifera, is cherished for its wonderful "Damask" fragrance.

Its pale pink flowers bloom wonderfully in the spring and often repeat flower throughout the season.

autumn damask rose

Autumn Damask Rose

'Mme Hardy' (1832), bears beautiful pure white, double flowers with a green button eye.

It's powerfully fragrant with just a hint of lemon.

'La Ville de Brxelle' (1849), produces large pure pink, extremely fragrant blooms on a large spreading plant.


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