Growing Hybrid Tea Roses

Pruning And caring For Hybrid Tea Rose

Growing hybrid tea roses is easy if you know how to grow a hybrid tea rose. Read on for growing information.

Here are some expert advice for hybrid tea rose care and pruning hybrid tea roses.

Tea roses should grow and be planted in the same soil for roses that you would normally plant other roses in.

Their growing needs are also similar, such as 6 hours of direct sun per day, good drainage, and regular water and rose food, and the same basic rose care as you should give all your roses.

The only major difference is that hybrid teas are cold tender and suffer from winterkill in cold winter climate areas.

Growing zones 6-9 are the best places to grow hybrid teas in.

growing hybrid tea roses

Peace Rose - My Favorite Hybrid Tea Rose

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They also have special pruning needs, so the check out the following pruning instructions for teas in the mild winter zones.

Because of the dieback caused by cold winters, pruning is very seldom required. The rose is dead.

Pruning And caring For Hybrid Teas

By winter hybrid teas and grandifloras, they are very large tea roses, have usually grown to 5-7 feet or more and are looking very lanky. So it's time to prune them back quite a bit.

On an established tea rose bush, you can prune the canes 2-4 feet, I recommend pruning them down to about 3 feet.

In general you should leave four to five major canes with an average height of 3 feet when done.

Remove older less productive canes at the base. This will trigger new cane growth in the spring.

Also cut out all spindly and diseased wood. I always cut away all side branches, and just leave 4-5 major canes.

This pruning process will keep your hybrid tea roses healthy and it will also result in lots more blooms, which is what we want.


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