Growing Improved Blaze Rose
Climbing In Narrow Space

I got a Blaze Improved climber a couple of years ago.

I think was inspired by your photo of Blaze with profuse blooms even low down and all the way up, in a relatively narrow space.

I also have several "narrow" spaces on my property, that is, only 3 1/2 - 4' wide.

Too narrow for the fanning out of a climbing rose.

So I have a space of 4' wide between a door and window on my outside shed.

I have let one can shoot out and up over the window, knowing that no laterals will grow and bloom going up.

Two other canes, I have "wound" back and forth, to keep horizontal to create laterals.

Not too much going on. I have had the plant in the ground for 2 years now.

This coming summer will be the third.

This was one blooming bush when I bought it.

What did you do in the photo to get the blooms all the way up?

Cut some canes so that the terminals at different heights produced blooms?

I live in Northern California, 9a, Sunset 15, with some shade in some parts of my garden.

My Cecille Brunner and Cressida are extremely prolific!!!

Thank you for any suggestions.
Los Altos, CA.

ANSWER: Hi Lynda! I do think that the Blaze climbing rose spent most of the energy on the cane that grew straight up and over the window.

There was simply no energy left to grow any lateral flowering shoots on the lower canes.

I have had this happen myself, and heard other gardeners similar story.

Eventually, the lower canes will grow lateral flowering shoots, maybe this season.

The Blaze rose on my page has a space about 5 feet wide.

It took 4 years to have the flower production you see on my page.

Don't prune the long vertical canes. Only prune the lateral shoots to about 2-3 inches, no matter how long they are.

When you notice a vertical cane that stops producing, cut it off at the base.

This won't happen for a few years.

This will encourage a new vertical cane to grow.

Add some good composted manure to the base of the rose, and carefully work it in.

Horse manure is the best.

Fertilize after every bloom flush, and keep a regular water schedule.Best Regards,

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