Growing Old Roses

growing old roses

How To Grow Old Garden Roses
Planting Tips For Old Roses

The best way for growing old roses. Old fashioned roses planting and pruning tips.

How to grow and care for old garden roses, that's what this page is all about.

Planting an old antique rose in no different than how to plant any rose, just follow these simple steps below.

But first, you must select a spot in your garden for growing your old roses, that gets at least 6 hours of direct sun per day.

Less sun than that, will result in a spindly looking old rose bush with very few blooms.

Also less sun will make your old roses very vulnerable to rose diseases, and many garden pests.

growing old roses

Old Roses Growing In A Garden

Hot To Grow Old Roses

  • Dig a planting hole about 2 feet long, wide and deep.
  • Mix the soil you removed from the hole with organic compost or bagged soil for roses, at a 50 - 50 rate to provide an optimum, longterm home for your old roses.
  • If you have heavy clay soil that retain a lot of water, the soil won't have enough space for air. So mixing in organic compost is important then, because it will help with better drainage and also increase porous space for air and water.
  • If on the other hand your soil is very sandy, which creates lots of space for air, but it drains off water way too quickly, which will require more frequent watering, the addition of compost helps sandy soils to act like a sponge, retaining moisture that roses need around their roots. So no matter what type of soil you have, organic compost you must add.
  • Fill the hole with water. If the water drains off within an hour or two, the soil won't become saturated with water, which prevents root growth.
  • If your soil takes longer to drain, say a day, or overnight, you need to improve your drainage situation. The best way to do that is to build a raised flower bed for your roses, at least a foot high.
  • Gardeners in a cold winter region, need to plant the old roses so that the bud union (the point of grafting) is 2-3 inches below ground. This will protect the tender growth point from freezing and dying. Many old roses are cold hardy, but their rootstocks might not be as robust, so it's better to protect them by planting them deep.
  • However, if you are growing old roses in milder regions, it's best to plant grafted and own-root roses with their bud union at soil level. I have found that planting old roses with the bud union 2 inches above ground, produces a weaker plant, that can rock about in the wind. It also allows for a better looking rose plant, because a rose shrub planted at soil level produces canes from all sides, instead of only from the side that receives the most sun.
  • When growing old roses with own-roots, keep in mind, that many will produce long runners and form offshoots across your garden. Gallica roses, especially have a tendency to spread out and take over a flower bed. If this is a problem for you, it's better to plant grafted roses instead of own-root roses.

  • You should also find out what the mature size of the old rose bush will be, and provide enough space for the ultimate growth. Growing roses too close together will encourage pests and disease.

Following the above guidelines for growing old roses, will help you grow old antique roses that are blooming with profusion, and look beautiful in your garden.


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