Growing Potted Roses

by Alexis
(Gatlinburg, Tn 37738)

QUESTION: My husband bought me a pot of red roses that you have to keep growing.

I water them every 3 days and try to put them in the sun as much as possible.

Will the Jackson and Perkins help with that?

Or is there something else I need to look for.

And when can I put them in a bigger pot?

ANSWER: Hi Alexis! You don't say if your potted roses are growing inside your house, or outside.

But a potted rose bush will NOT survive inside a house, even if you put it in a sun room.

When growing potted roses, you have to give them extra care.

Make sure the pot is large enough, with drainage holes in the bottom.

The pot should NEVER stand on a saucer where water collects. It will die for sure.

You should re-plant it in a large pot as soon all danger of frost is gone.

Fertilize the potted rose bush every week, with a rose fertilizer at half strengh.

Here is my page about growing roses in a pot.

Please, read it for detailed information about roses in pots and containers.
Best Regards,

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