Growing Rose Cuttings

growing rose cuttings

Rose Propagation From Stem Cuttings

Growing rose cuttings, and propagating roses from stem cuttings is easy if you know how to.

Here is a step by step instructions for rose propagation from cuttings.

Growing roses from stem cuttings as a great way to make more rose bushes from your favorite rose plant.

Rose stems are well suited for rooting by late spring or early summer, depending where you live.

Choose a healthy, vigorously growing stem without flower buds to make a cutting. Make sure it is firm and not too soft and flexible

Snip a 4-6 inch stem, removing the lower leaves, and stick it, cut side down, into a pot with moist potting soil mix.

Push it deeply enough into the soil to bury the nodes or joints stripped bare of leaves.

Make sure the cuttings never dry out during the time it takes them to form roots.

Keep the soil moist, but never wet enough to encourage rotting.

Grow them where they are shaded from the hot midday sun. Most cuttings root within a month.

Transplant the rooted rose cuttings into the garden as you would any other potted plant, once their roots have filled their pots and they have hardened.


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