Growing Rose Of Sharon

rose of sharon

How To Grow And
Take Care Of Rose Of Sharon

I love growing Rose of Sharon, the Hibiscus syriacus plant from eastern Asia.

It grows anywhere from 8-12 feet tall, and close to 6 feet wide as it gets older.

What I especially like about growing this shrub, is that it flowers very long, in fact frost.

And the newer varieties, see the pictues below, are sterile, and don't set seed or produce seedpods, which can be annoying, since I don't want this plants popping up whereever the wind takes the seed pods.

When the plant is young it grows with a more upright growth habit, and it's also more compact.

But after a couple of years it gradually starts spreading and open up.

That's why it's important to give it enough room to spread, when planting this bush.

You can then prune Rose of Sharon to the size and shape you like.

It can also be grown as a small tree, if you prune off the lower branches on a regular basis.

Some gardeners like growing Rose of Sharon as an espalier. However, I try to avoid such labor intensive growing practices.

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Rose Of Sharon Pictures

rose of sharon

Aphrodite - Rose of Sharon

rose of sharon

Helene - Rose of Sharon

diane rose of sharon

Diana - Rose of Sharon

blue chiffon rose of sharon

Hibiscus Syriacus - Blue Chiffon

Rose of Sharon is easy to grow. It grows an any soil that drains well. Isn't that something!

It's a heat loving plant that grows well in hot and humid weather.

In fact it flowers better in hot climates.

The Hibiscus syriacus, its botanical name, growing zones are 2-24. it's winter hardy, however, young plants should be protected if you are growing them in cold winter climates.

Cover them with 4 inches of mulch, after the first frost.


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