Growing Roses For Beginners

growing roses for beginners

A Beginners Guide To Rose Growing

Growing roses for beginners, how to grow roses for the beginner, and easy roses to grow for beginners is what this page is all about.

Here are the basic facts for growing roses for, or roses for dummies, don't be offended. This will give you a general overview of rose gardening and the basic requirements of growing roses.

Contrary to what you may have heard, roses are actually easy to grow,even for beginners, they are tough and long-suffering, but they will not succeed without the bare minimum rose basic care.

Rose Conditions To Grow Beautiful Roses

In order to be growing well, roses will need at least 6 hours of full sun per day. Morning sun is the best.

When growing roses, provide Fertile Soil for roses by adding organic composted manure (available at the garden center in bags) or other organic matter, and add mulch for top dressing.

Newly planted roses should be watered every other day to help the feeder roots to grow out horizontally quickly. Established roses (3-4 years) need to be deep watered at least once a week, (4-5 gallons per plant). Water more often in hot weather.The water should be applied directly to the base of the roses bush.

knockout roses

Knockout Roses Are Easy Roses For Beginners

Roses need good drainage to be growing well, and they do not like soggy soil "wet feet". For gardens with poor drainage, I suggest making a Raised Garden Bed, a foot high is good for growing roses, but you can make it 18 inches as well.

Roses are heavy feeders and need Fertilizers for Roses. I always use an organic fertilizer especially for roses to promote healthy growth and lots of beautiful flowers.

To Prune Roses Bushes, please keep these things in mind, repeat-blooming roses need to be pruned annually, late winter or early spring, and Deadheaded ( removing spent flowers) after each bloom cycle.

If you are growing once blooming roses, they should be pruned to shape right after blooming in order to encourage new growth for next years blooms. These roses mostly flower on last years growth, so do not prune them in spring or there will be no flowers growing for that season.

These are the basics of growing roses for beginners.

Easy Roses To Grow For Beginners

When you are new to rose gardening, a beginner, you should start small. Maybe just plant one rose by creating a small circular bed in your lawn. It's really pretty.

Here is a list of roses that I recommend you choose from for your first adventure into growing roses.

List Of Easy To Grow Roses

Bonica Roses * Easy Elegance Roses * Knockout Roses * Shrub Roses *

All of the roses above are super easy for anyone that is new to rose growing. They are the best for growing roses for beginners.

growing roses for beginners


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