Growing Roses In Arizona

Growing Roses In Hot Arizona Climate
Arizona Rose Gardening

Tips for growing roses in Arizona. A desert Arizona rose gardening and planting guide and a list the best roses for Arizona gardens, that's what this page is all about.

Growing roses in the hot Arizona climate can be challenging.

But not if you know what types of roses grow best in AZ's hot climates, and how to take care of them during the hot searing summer temperatures.

These are the things that are important about growing roses in the state of Arizona.

The secrets to success with desert roses are to keep your Arizona roses well watered and mulched during the hot summer months.

Then they can put on their colorful flower show in November.

There are two peak rose growing seasons for roses in the desert Southwest and Arizona; early spring and late fall.

The April blooming season will be over by the end of May when it gets to 100 degrees F and higher.

You need to spend your summer keeping your roses well watered and as cool as posible by mulching generously with 4-5 inches of finely shredded bark, to conserve moisture in the soil.

If you provide ample amounts of water you will have great roses.

growing roses in arizona

Picture of Hot Princess Rose

Planting Roses In Arizona
And The Desert Southwest

You should plant hybrid tea roses that have been grafted onto the rootstock of 'Rosa fortuniana'.

They will thrive in Arizona because the parent 'Rosa Fortuniana is well adapted to hot temperatures.

For growing hybrid tea roses, look for varieties with thick petals and glossy foilage that can handle the searing heat.

It's also important to choose roses with the right petals. Rose flowers with too many petals will not open in the heat.

And if there are too few petals, the flowers will open quickly and wont last long.

growing roses in arizona

Picture of the White Fabulous! Rose

Polyantha roses with their large clusters of small flowers, do well in the deserts, as do old roses such as gallicas and noisette roses.

When you plant you roses, it's important to add water retaining polymers to the soil (available at garden centers by the bag).

Also contact the local Arizona Rose Society. They will offer helpful tips and advice for growing roses in Arizona and the desert Southwest.

When To Prune

The major pruning should take place in January. This will force the rose to go into dormancy.

Cut the rose down to about half and remove all foilage.

Then spray the canes and the soil with Neem Oil. This will kill off any fungus spores and overwintering insect eggs.

There is also another time to prune roses in Arizona. That is in September. However, be careful and don't do it too early or the bush can get heat stressed.

At this time you don't remove the foilage, only cut it down by a third.

This fall pruning will give you another flower flush later when the weather cools down.

Top Roses For Arizon
And The Desert Southwest

* Arizona * Baby Grand * Ballerina * Bees Knees * Butter Cream * Fabulous * Fairhope * Flower Girl * Fourth of July * Golden Celebration * Gemini * Graham Thomas * Hot Princess * Julia Child * Lavaglut * Let Freedom Ring * Lullaby * Marilyn Monroe * Miss Flippins * Blush Noisette * Peter Cottontail * Pillow Fight * Rose de Rescht * Sexy Rexy * St. Patrick * Verdun * Yolande d'Aragon * Veterans Honor *

Climbing Roses For Arizona

Altissimo * America * Candy Land * Iceberg * Don Juan * Dream Weaver * Eden * Fourth of July * Night Owl * Sombreuil * The Impessionist * Pinata.

Desert Rose Plant Care

Click on the headline link above for more detailed information about caring and pruning roses in Arizona and the desert Southwest.

Just never forget, that in desert conditions, the right roses will flourish as long as they are well watered and deeply mulched.

German Bearded Irises also do well in drier climates, and they make great rose companion plants for growing roses in Arizona and the desert Southwest.

Do You Have A Rose
That Grows Well In Arizona?

Just click on the headline link above, where you can tell us about a rose that really loves growing in Arizona's hot climate.

Also tell us what kind of care do you give your rose, or roses.

Thank you for sharing.


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