Growing Roses In Containers

Container Gardening With Roses

Growing roses in containers.

How to take care of roses in a container, container roses winter protection and choosing the best container roses, when container gardening roses, that's what this page is all about.

When growing container roses, bring the color of roses to patios, front steps, windows, decks, porches and balconies by growing them in containers.

Steps are ideal for staging container roses and a variety of other plants.

growing roses in containers

Picture Of Knockout Rose Growing In A Container

Container roses are also perfect for sunny outdoor living spaces, such as around swimming pools.

Choosing Rose Containers

Containers are available in many materials and sizes.

Consider color and style, but it's even more important that it's the right size for the rose growing in it.

No matter what container you choose, it must have adequate drainage.

Water must be able to move through the potting soil and out the bottom of the container.

growing roses in containers

Soggy soil without drainage will kill roses in a matter of days.

If a container doesn't have a hole, you can drill drainage holes in plastic, resin or wood containers before planting. 3 holes are best.

If you plan to set a rose in a container into another, just be sure to set the inner pot on bricks, wood blocks, or a layer of gravel to keep the pot above any water that accumulates.

You must empty water from the outer container, if it collects.

Tips For Growing Roses In A Container

Use wide containers for growing roses, because their roots spread out more than they go down.

The half wiskey barrel size is about as small as you want to go for a hybrid tea rose, because its width is good.

growing roses in containers

Prevent the soil in rose containers from getting too warm, by choosing light colored containers, or by painting the container a light color.

Choosing a quality rose planting mix is critical to growing healthy roses.

Good potting soil for roses, such as Miracle Grow Potting Soil For Roses, keep roses better hydrated and fed.

Great Container Roses To Use

growing roses in containers

Many roses, except large climbers and ramblers, will work in a spacious wide planter.

Try small climbers on a trellis inserted into the container, for a privacy screen.

Miniature roses, of course, are perfect.

And nearly any small shrub rose will be great.

Container Roses Winter Protection

When growing roses in containers in cold climates Zones 6 and colder, you'll need to plan your

rose container plantings in such a way that you can bring the containers into a cool, non-freezing indoor space to overwinter the plants.

Otherwise, they'll freeze solid and die over the winter.


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