Growing Roses In Florida

The Best Roses To Grow In Florida

Growing roses in Florida, growing Florida roses can have its challenges, because of the root knot nematodes that can infest the roots of plants and kill the roses.

Here are the top roses for Florida, for growing roses in Southern Florida, North Florida and the Gulf Coast, with tips and information how to grow them the best way in this climate.

Fortunately there are Florida roses grafted from Rosa Fortuniana, which are highly resistant to nematodes and actually loves the Florida mild climate and long growing season.

Then there are roses that are grafted to the roots of 'Dr Huey' Rose, that also grow very well in Florida.

Top Roses To Grow In Florida

Here is a list for the best and most popular roses to grow in Florida and the Gulf Coast.

Any of these wonderful roses will be perfect for growing roses in Florida.

To view any of the Florida Roses listed below, click on the high-lighted rose names

Abraham Darby: a medium pink English shrub rose.

Angel Face: a fragrant lavender rose, compact and low-growing.

Blush Noisette a lovely, fragrant, lavender pink climing rose

Apricot Nectar: apricot color, a floribunda rose.

Belindas Dream: a medium pink shrub rose.

Blush Noisette: a light pink climbing rose.

Butter Cream: butter cream clor, a mini-flora rose.

Europeana: deep red, a floribunda rose.

Fortuniana Roses: specially grafted for warm and humid coastal climates.

Gemini: blushing pink,a hybrid tea rose.

Kristin: red blend,a miniature rose.

Louise Estes: pink, a hybrid tea rose.

Moonstone: white with pink edges, a hybrid tea rose.

Paul Neyron: pink, an old hybrid tea rose 1869.

Playgirl: pink, a floribunda rose.

Simplicity Roses

St.Patrick: yellow, a hybrid tea rose.

Sunsprite: yellow, a floribunda rose.

The Dark Lady: dark red, a shrub rose.

Veterans Honor: bright red, a hybrid tea rose.

Tips For Growing Florida Roses

growing roses in florida

The Fragrant Gemini Rose Grows Well In Florida

If you live in Florida I would not recommend growing roses on their own roots.

Own root roses often die in this region after a couple of seasons or sooner.

Once you know which root stock to select, you will be successful growing roses in Florida, even in South Florida.

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Pruning Roses In Florida

Florida has different climate zones, such as Central Florida, North Florida and Southern Florida.

So when, and the time you should prune roses depends where you garden in Florida.

Central and North Florida Rose Pruning;

Pruning roses in these areas usually takes place between the end of January and the first week of March.

However, to avoid the effects of a February freeze, it's better to wait until after Valentine's Day to prune.

Southern Florida Rose Pruning:

In this area, which comprises the Tampa Bay area on the Gulfcoast and the southern part of the Florida panhandle, roses are typically pruned twice a year.

The major pruning is in mid to late February. This pruning should reduce the size of your roses to about half.

The second pruning usually takes place in late summer, August or early September, and is used to reduce summer growth.

Roses tend to grow extra large in these warm areas. This pruning should reduce roses by a third.

Choosing Roses For Florida

growing roses in florida

Blush Noisette Roses Are Great Roses For The South

I also recommend the Noisette Roses, known to be 'roses for the South', and the English Roses by David Austin. They are very beautiful and so fragrant, and resemble the Old Garden Roses.

These are some of the best for growing roses in Florida as well as many Shrub Roses that have been grafted.

Florida Rose Care

Roses grow bigger in Florida so give them plenty of room. They should be planted 4 feet apart on center.

You should water your roses three times a week from April through October.

The sandy soils in Florida don't hold water well, so mix in a lot of composted manure (50%) at planting time help keep the soil moist.

Spread 2 or 3 inches of organic mulch around your roses to conserve moisture in the soil, feed them every 3 weeks or so, and you will have beautiful growing roses.

Please remember to deep water your roses before you apply fertilizers, always, to avoid root burn.

Now, since you know the secret to growing roses in Florida, why not go ahead and plant some roses in your Florida garden.


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