Growing Roses In Michigan

by Amber

QUESTION: I am starting my own garden in Michigan, and would love to grow roses.

So far, I have the perfect place for roses.

I just need help finding a rose that will suit me.

I love the Climbing Roses and would love it to bloom all summer.

I would love it to be able to smell very well too.

I am home most of the time, so I will have time for it.

I love it when they either red, orange, purple, or like the peace.

I am also a beginner, so it might need to be a little bit hardy. Please help me find the perfect rose, it would mean a lot!!

ANSWER: Hi Amber! Since you garden in Michigan, you should choose roses that can survive harsh winters.

That would rule out all hybrid tea roses, because they are cold tender, and would suffer from winterkill.

I recommend any of these cold hardy easy to grow roses.

Since you are a beginner rose gardener it would help to read my page about caring for roses.

Another page that would be helpful is caring for roses during cold winters, just in case you would like to plant one of those fragrant hybrid tea roses, such as the Peace rose.
Best Regards,

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