Growing Roses In New England

Best Rose Varieties
For The New England States

The major challanges of growing roses in New England include the cold winters and the soil variations there.

Roses for New England's cold climate need protection from the harsh northern winds and plenty of water.

So choose a planting spot that gets at least 6 hours of direct sun per day, and have some protection from winds, such as a fence or a hedge.

Work in plenty of compost and only plant cold hardy roses in a protected area of your garden, and they will almost certain do fine and bloom well.

Do you need help with finding the best cold hardy roses for New England? Down below is a list of recommended roses for New England.

You should only buy roses that are very cold hardy, strong and healthy, otherwise you may find your roses suffered from winterkill.

Shrub roses such as the Knockout roses are very cold hardy, disease resistant and flower with abundance all summer until frost.

Top Roses For New England

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