Growing Roses in Ohio

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QUESTION:When is the best time to plant and grow rose bushes in Southern Ohio?

My question may appear elementary but this is my first attempt at gardening.

I want to brighten the front of my home with rose bushes.

How long will I have to wait before they grow large enough to bring a noticeable enhancement to my home?

What type of Rose grows best in the Ohio region?

Thank you

ANSWER: Hello! Growin roses in Ohio is easy if you choose the right cold hardy roses.

The winters are harsh and sometimes long for gardeners in Ohio.

Fortunately, truly cold hardy roses and old garden roses can be grown without pampering in Ohio

These cold hardy roses and the old roses are also very low maintenence roses, and that's the roses I recommend for Ohio, and especially for people new to rose gardening.

Rugosa roses are amongh the most cold hardy and easiest to grow.

Roses such as in the Explorer and Parkland series should also be considered when growing roses in Ohio.

William Baffin rose a carefree climbing rose in the Explorer group, is not only cold hardy, but also one of the most disease resistant rose I have seen.

The popular Knockout roses is reliably hardy to only zone 5.

Carefree Beauty rose ,Buck's best known rose for cold climates is also a good choice for at least zone 4.

Here is a list of other top roses to grow in Ohio.

Butter Cream * Elina * Eye Paint * Henry Hudson * Hot Princess 8 Hot Tamale * Iceberg * Irresistable * John Davis * Leading Lady * Little Artist * Magic Carrousel * Memphis King * Moonstone * Morden Blush * Morden Centennial * Nicole * Peaches n Cream * Playboy * Paulsens Pearl * Robusta * Secret * Tiffany Lynn * Veterans Honor *.

Protect the graft of the floribunda roses, such as Iceberg rose by planting it 3-4 inches below soil level.

I's also good to add some protective winter mulch over the rose and around the floribundas.

Shrub roses, they are hardy, grow on their own roots and don't need protection from winter freeze in Ohio.

Since you are new to growing roses and gardening, you should read my page about rose care and maintenance.

If you plant the roses in spring after all danger from frost is gone, you will have blooming roses by early summer.

I recommend using an organic rose food when planting them, and also add a cup of bonemeal to each planting hole.

I always plant my roses in Miracle Grow for roses soil.

It has all the nutrients to get your roses off to a great start and they start growing and blooming so much sooner. Use one bag per rose bush.

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