Growing Roses In Pots

How To Plant and Grow Roses in Pots

Many gardeners, including me, like growing roses in pots for decorating our patios, decks and balconies.

Given the appropriate size of the pot, any garden rose can be planted and happily growing in a pot.

I do recommend that you select one of the smaller rose varieties for growing in a pot though.

A large size pot will allow enough room for root growth that will support the rose.

To plant a bare-root or a small container rose in a pot, you need a good grade commercial potting soil for roses.

Make sure you use potting soil instead of soil from your garden, because the soil must be light and well-draining to ensure a balance of air and water.

pot of roses

Place the rose inthe center of your pot, making certain that the final soil level will be 2-3 inches blow thee rim of the pot.

Use your hands to work the potting soil around the roots in order to eleminate any air pockets.

Do not compact the soil too much though.

Water the newly potted rose well, and keep it moist at all times.

Feed your potted rose with a liquid fertilizer used at half recommended strengt, about every week or ten days.

Always water the rose before applying fertilizer and again lightly after feeding.

Make certain the roots never dry out completely by using a Moisture Meter.

Every other year, remove the rose from the pot, and using a garden knife, trim off 3 inches of soil and roots from both sides and the bottom of the soil mass.

Add new potting soil, tamp it down lightly, and water thouroughly.

With care your potted roses should thrive and flower for many years to come.

And you'll find out it's not hard growing roses in pots.


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