Growing Roses In The Midwest

Choosing the best roses to grow in the different regions of the Midwest is critical to the success to growing roses there.

The winters are severe and long and the gardening season is short in the Northerns Midwest.

Fortunately, truly cold hardy roses can be grown in this region without a lot of pampering.

The roses I most highly recommend for this region are cold-hardy, beautiful low-maintance roses.

Only roses that are rated hardy to zone 4 or colder, will survive here. So keep that in mind when choosing your garden roses.

Roses in the Explorer and Parkland series, both developed in Canada, survive well without special winter protection in brutally low temperatures.

William Baffin, a carefree climber in the Explorer group, is exceptionally cold hardy, but also the most disease resistant plant you will ever find.

Below you'll find a list of roses to grow in the Northern part of the Midwest.

Butter Cream * Elina * Eye Paint * Henry Hudson * Hot Princess * Iceberg * Irresistible * John Davis * Leading Lady * Little Artist * Magic Carrousel * Memphis King * Moonstone * Morden Blush * Morden Centennial * Nicole * Peaches 'n' Cream * Poulsen's Pearl * Robusta * Secret * Tiffany Lynn * Veteran's Honor *.

Rose Growing In Southern Midwest

One thing to remember is that the weather in the southern Midwest can fool you.

Just when you think spring has finally arrived, a bad cold front sweeps in and cause huge problems for gardeners who jump the gun.

A sudden frost after a spell of balmy days are especially hard on roses.

Spring may be unpredictable, but once you have learned to wait until all danger of frost is past before pruning your roses, you will be rewarded with a long growing season.

Pruning too soon encourages early growth that could die in an unexpected frost.

Below is a list of the top roses for the Southern Midwest


* America * Betty Boop * Carefree Beauty * Dortmund * Elina * Gemini * Gold Medal * Graham Thomas * Hanna Gordon * Hot Cocoa * Julia Child * Knock Out * Moonstone * New Dawn * Playboy * Pristine * Sally Holmes * Sunsprite * The Fairy * Touch of Class * .


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