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Rose Gardening Tools

The best hand garden tools for pruning roses, great garden hand tools to make rose pruning easier and more enjoyable.

A quality garden tool, that's what you need when you prune your roses. Great garden tools, such as ARS Long Reach Pruners, Anvil Pruning Shears, Felco Hand Saw, Arm Wrestler Scissors, Wrist saver Tools and the great handy dandy Bucket Bagger and of course the water saving root irrigator.

These are my favorite and must have garden tools. It's hard to do your gardening shores without these tools.

So do yourself a favor and equip yourself with these terrific tools of the trade. You'd would want to have top tools for pruning roses and doing rose gardening.

My Favorite Hand Garden Tools For Rose Gardening

I have tested and bought a lot of hand garden tools over the years, gardening roses. But the ones shown below are the ones that I personally use and am most satisfied with.

I recommend all the tools on this page because they will make your gardening and pruning shores so much easier. I really love the long handles ARS pruners, because they really make it easy to reach inside a large bush and climbing rose without getting scratches and cuts from those pesky sharp rose thorns.

Buying Hand Garden Tools

If you would like to purchase any of these top quality garden tools, just click on the high lighted garden tool product links for more information and completing the purchase.

ARS Rose Pruner With Branch Grip - $ 124.99
The perfect rose pruner gives you 2' of extra reach. Cut-and-hold branch grip helps trim the pricking sprigs of roses safely and efficiently. Spring loaded gripper adjusts to the thickness of a stem. Lightweight aluminum arm and hard chrome plated blades resist rusting and corrosion. Comfortable hand grip helps prevent fatigue. Revolving arm allows you to turn the pruner blades in any direction without moving the hand grip. 2' length.

Anvil Pruning Shears - $ 16.99
About the Anvil Pruning Shears: The pruning shears have poly handles to go along with the heat treated carbon steel blade and an overal length of 7.25 inches.

Wrist Saver Garden Tools (cultivator) - $ 11.99
Wrist Saver Garden Tools save your wrists and help you garden with ease. Arthritis and carpel tunnel sufferers can enjoy gardening longer with these tools designed with comfort in mind. The ergonomic design gives you more leverage and power with considerably less stress on muscles and joints. These tools work in a completely different way, you won't believe how much easier they are to use. They are made from steel with a chrome finish to look as as good as they work. Great for anyone who wants more comfort and longevity in their garden.

Bucket Bagger - $ 17.99
This tool organizer is designed to hold a 5 gallon bucket. A must when pruning or pulling weed around the yard on in flower beds. It even has two zippered thermal cooler pockets.

Felco Folding Saw - $ 27.99
About the Felco Folding Saw: The Felco Folding Saw is 14 inches long overall and weights 0.6 lbs. The blade is thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom to resist clogging or binding. The teeth of the blade have a third edge on the tips which provide fast cutting. The saw includes a metal latch to lock the blade.

Root Irrigator - $ 24.95
To Use the Root Irrigator: Simply attach a garden hose and insert into the ground near the root source. The Root Irrigator is uniquely shaped for leverage, durable, yet lightweight, and it has a rust-proof finish.

Arm Wrestler Scissors - $ 25.99
The most amazing pair of scissors you'll ever own! Unique design gives such incredible leverage, they'll even cut small branches. Durable, beautiful high chrome plated steel, chrome plated and has a 2" cutting blade -- 6 1/4" overall.

One Of The Best Hand Garden Tools For Bulbs And Small Plants

Dirt Snatcher - $ 26.99
Planting bulbs and flowers has never been quicker. This tool is specially designed to dig holes effortlessly in one easy motion. Simply insert the Dirt Snatcher into your planting bed soil, pull the spring loaded side up to lift out the dirt. Now you have a perfect hole for planting bulbs or nursery plants, the quick release works great to fill dirt in when your planting is done.Constructed of nickel coated steel and high impact plastic, it measures 11" long x 3.5" wide, and makes a 3" diameter hole.

One Of The Best Hand Garden Tools

Soil Scoop - $ 20.99
This terrific scoop is great for working in tight spaces and cutting through tough soil. Serrated edge for digging, pointed end furrows and weeds. Highly recommended for all gardens. It digs, weeds, plants, furrows and cultivates. Overall length 12", blade length 6.5". Hole drilled through handle for hanging. WARRANTY Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's one year warranty

Not One Of The Hand Garden Tools, But I Call These Knee Pads, Great Knee Tools

Gelite All Terrain Knee Pads - $ 20.99
Comfort and duarabilty from this set of light-weight knee pads. Made with GELite padding, a unique blend of Gel and polyurethane foam. Wide lycra elastic with a Velcro-fastening strap.

The Garden Collector Below Isn't A Hand Garden Tools Item, But So Handy To Have, When You Work In The Garden

Garden Collector - Size XL - $ 23.95
Nothing is too much for these containers: the Garden Collector will gladly gobble up hedge cuttings, fallen leaves and even thick branches. If you want stability, this Garden Collector will stay standing up, even when the wind blows. With a practical plastic ring sewn into the seam, the top stays open to receive whatever you want to put in it. The laminated PP fabric (220 g/m-¦) is tough and won't wear out on you quickly. Its UV protection keeps the material sturdy for even longer. The Garden Collector itself is portable and as light as a feather. The sturdy handles are strong enough to carry even heavy cuttings. Size - Extra Large Holds 75 gallons.


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