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Hansa Rugosa Rose Photo
Growing Information

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Take a look at the Hansa Rugosa rose photo below.

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The hybrid 'Hansa' Rugosa rose's large double blooms are reddish violet with mauve highlights.

The petals are crinkled and very attractive.

The rose flowers have a wonderful strong clove like fragrance that is intoxicating. I just love this scent!

The rose bush produces an abundance of blooms all summer long and through fall.

Rugosa 'Hanss' is one of the first, and one of the last, to flower, and seems to be immune to disease.

hansa rose

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During the late fall, the flowers develop into large beautiful rose hips.

"Hansa' is one of the best Rugosa hybrids, and one of the best of all garden roses.

hansa rose hips

Rugosa 'Hansa' Rose Hips

Growing Information

This Rugosa variety is suitable as a shrub in a mixed flower border.

Give it plenty of room to grow and spread naturally.

It will grow to above average height for a shrub rose.

It's very hardy and a perfect rose for cold weather areas.

In warm climates it can become leggy and lose color.

This rose is closely related to Rosa Rugosa, and its growth habit is similar, with strong leathery, disease free leaves, that are veined and wrinkled.

It was introduced by Schauman Van Tol, The Netherlands, in 1905.

Zones 3-9, height 6.6 feet tall (2m), 4.9 feet spread (1.5).


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