Hardy Street-Side Rose Bush

by Marie

QUESTION: Have just cut down a spruce tree, street-side; it was unattractive and interfered with above wires. Left an opening nearly 15 feet long.

Is there a hardy rose bush which I can plant in a few feet from street in good soil; which will not grow too high?

Probably could plant one or two bushes that would be attractive and fill in that empty section along my street property. Thank you. MMM

ANSWER: I recommend carpet roses, because they are very hardy and extremely low maintenance.

Carpet roses are perfect for a strip between the sidewalk and the street.

Also try them along a driveway where grass seem to struggle.

These roses are self-cleaning, meaning they don't need to be deadheaded to re-bloom.

They don't have fragrance but the abundance of blooms more than makes up for it.
Best Regards,

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