Heat Tolerant Hedge Roses

by Danica Coyle
(Las Cruces, NM)

QUESTION: I am searching for a yellow or red or bright pink, heat tolerant hedge rose. I have a hedge border to create and I live in Southern NM, hot desert in the summer, can be below zero in the winter.

What would you suggest? I love the yellow simplicity, therese bugnet, lady penelope, and freedom red....but will these hold up in Las Cruces, NM?

No shade is available where I will plant them. Thanks so much for your help,

ANSWER: Hi Danica,

Any shrub rose would survive hot weather and cold winters.

The Simplicity roses are shrubs so they would be ok also.

I also recommend that you visit your local garden nursery that sells roses and ask which roses suitable for hedges that will survive your regions heat.

I also recommend you contact the NM Rose Society, for advice.

They really know what roses do well there and will make suggestions for a hedge rose.

You should also look at my rose hedge page.

There are several hedge roses that would do fine in your area. They are all shrub roses.
Best Regards,

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