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Rose Hedges

Thinking about creating hedges rose bushes, they are great for hedges. Rose hedges are classic in Europe. Let me help you select the best roses for hedging, planting hedge roses, how to grow rose hedges, and hedge rose pruning tips. I'll even help you with hedge roses for sale.

Rose hedges provide privacy, foilage, great beauty and color interest for a garden.

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hedges rose bushes

White Iceberg Roses Mixed With Pink Floribundas Make A Beautiful Hedge

hedges rose bushes

Best Roses For Hedging

hedge roses

Pink Simplicity Hedge Roses With White Alyssums

It's important to choose hedges rose bushes that are in low maintenance, disease resistant and everblooming, meaning they bloom all the way until frost

Below is a list of other great roses for a hedge. Rose bushes are listed according to height.

Low Rose Hedges Under 2 Feet Tall

hedges rose bushes

Gourmet Popcorn Rose Bush

Behold Rose * Cup Cake Rose * Gizmo Rose * Gourmet Popcorn Rose * Pillow Fight Rose * Rise n Shine Rose * Scentsational Rose * Sunsprinkles *

Medium Rose Hedges 2-5 Feet Tall

hedges rose bushes

A Rose Hedge Of White Iceberg Roses

All That Jazz Rose * Ballerina Rose * Buff Beauty Rose * Carefree Delight Rose * Country Fair Rose * Graham Thomas Rose * Freedom Hedge Rose * Hansa Rose * Iceberg Rose * Knockout Rose * Mary Rose * The Meidiland Series * Nearly Wild Rose * Royal Bonica Rose * Simplicity Rose * Winchester Cathedral Rose *

High Hedge Rose Bushes 5 Feet Tall

hedges rose bushes

Rugosa Rose Hedge

Abba Roses * Carefree Wonder Rose * Linda Campell Rose * Nevada Rose * Penelope Rose * Rugosa Roses * Therese Bugnet Rose * William Baffin Rose *

Information About Hedge Roses

The site for a rose hedge is very important. It should be in a place where there is open space on both sides to provide air circulation for these hedges rose bushes, which they need.

The planting site should be in full sun, which is about 6 hours per day, unfiltered.

Planting Hedge Roses

Try planting 2 roses of different colors, such as in the picure on top. A hedge doesn't have to be very long. A hedge can be nothing more than a screen, maybe four or five roses planted in a row to add privacy, fragrance or color to a special area.

When planting roses for hedges, you should plant them closer together, about 1.5 to 2 feet apart, depending on the rose variety.

Hedge Rose Pruning

Pruning these hedge roses is very easy. You need a pair of hedge shears, the kind with long blades. Simply shear the roses down at the top and on the sides. If you have electric hedge trimmer that would be great.

You could also let your gardener prune them like green hedges. Cut them down about one third from the top, and shear off the sides so they look nice.


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