Help With Transplanting Roses

by Eric Hapner
(Middlebury, Indiana)

I have been reading through your transplanting pages and could use a little guidance on which methods would be best to use. I have a climbing rose bush on my property that is a family heirloom. My grandmother called it a 7 sisters rose bush. It produces canes that will run along the ground or climb (with help) and get to about 1/4 inch in diameter. The original stock of this plant came over from Holland over 200 years ago. It lives in many states now and has been a maternal line heirloom. This plant is part of the original stock as this plant has been propagated by taking shoots from a family members plant generation after generation. My issue is that my wife and I have bought another house and will be selling the one we currently live in. I have started a shoot in a pot to try to make sure that the plant goes with me. Time is short and not the best for moving a rose according to your information. I however have little choice. That is why I started the shoot in addition to moving the main plant. I should have started two weeks ago looking for information about moving the plant I guess. Our current home will be listed in the next couple weeks so I have maybe two months at shortest or more. The plant also has been plagued with a fungus that I fight every year. I think it is powdery or downy mildew. Not sure if this will make a difference or not. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Eric Hapner

Hello Eric,
Transplanting a large established climbing rose is not an easy task for sure.
The rose plant isn't dormant now, so it will be hard on the rose.
Also, when you dig up the plant it will loose lots of feeder roots, so be prepared for some transplant shock.
Before digging up the climber, buy some liquid transplant shock product at the garden center.
Since you are moving it to a new house, you need to have a large container ready with bagged organic potting soil.
Be sure to keep the soil most at all times.
Transplanting Roses.
Happy Day
... Annelie

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