by Shiela Mattioli
(Hartland, Michigan)

I have several rose bushes in my yard that have done great in the past (they are at least 5 years old) I just looked at them and leaves are turning brown although there is new growth and buds. I'm not sure what the problem is but don't want them to die. Please help. Upon further inspection I noticed some small green worms under the leaves.

Also, in another spot in my yard I planted 3 knockout rose bushes one year ago. One looked dead and I replaced it and the other 2 have dead and green shoots on the plant. Are they dead or should I keep waiting???

Sorry I couldn't get my pictures to send, maybe I can attach them to an email if you feel like you need to see them.
Hi Shiela,
The green worms are Rose Slugs. You can pick them off by hand and dispose of them.
However, if the infestation is severe you can spray the undersides of the leaves with an insecticide containing acephate or carbaryl.
I don't know what's going on with your knockout roses. Did you prune them this spring?
Check the undersides of their leaves. They could have Rose Slug infestations also.
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