High Society Climbing Rose

high society climbing rose

Rosa High Society Rose

High Society Climbing rose has beautiful blooms that wont fade, even in the heat. Rosa 'High Society' rose is a vigorous climber with wondeful classic damask scented flowers that are excellent for cutting and flower vases.

The large flowered deep magenta red blooms are very spectacular, the color is electrifying I would say. The perfumed flowers hold their beautiful deep pink red colors even in the heat of the summer.

Growing Rosa High Society

high society climbing rose

Picture Of 'High Society' Rose

This climbing rose is perfect for an arbor at the entrance to a >garden, or grow it to cover a beautiful pergola. The rose is very vigorous and tall so it will have any problems covering any of these garden structures.

It will need full sun, so don't try to plant in partial shade, to give it the gorgeous color that's so special about the 'High Society' rose. Zones 5-10, height

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