History Of Wild Roses

history of wild roses

The Origins of Modern Roses

The history of wild roses tells us that they are the origins of todays cultivated modern roses.

Paleontologists (they study pre-historic life forms on Earth by the examination of plant and animal fossils) inform us that the wild roses were established during the Tertiary Period

(the period between the demise of the dinosaurs and the most recent Ice Age) which began 70 million years ago. Roses have a fantasic history, they have been around that long.

This means that the ancestors of the rose predate the evolution of humans.

history of wild roses

'Rosa Rugosa', a wild rose shrub with dense foilage and scented flowers and lots of old history.

History tells us that wild rose bushes grew on hillsides on the island of Crete, Greece, thousands of years before the birth of Christ.

The Chinese and the Egyptians are believed to be the first to begin selecting plants on the basis of flower color.

Roses, and images of roses, were found in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians. The history of roses are all over ancient times.

Roses were growing in the Hanging Gardens of Babolyn and at King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem

history of wild roses

'Rosa Moyesii 'Geranium', a wild rose with very unique drooping hips.

During the Middle Ages, wild roses were primarily grown by Monks and Apothecaries, who grew them for their medicinal value.

By the end of this history period, roses, wild ones, were beginning to establish themselves and elaborate rose gardens began showing up at castles and chateaux and manor houses.

history of wild roses

'Rosa Gallica', a compact wild rose shrub, ideal in mixed beds or with herbs.

So by the time of the Roman Empire,wild roses were widely grown all over Europe.

The history of wild roses is absolutely fascinating and entire books could be written on this subject.

I hope you enjoyed this rather short version on wild roses and it's history.

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