Holes in My Rose Leaves

by Janet
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

QUESTION: I have some kind of bugs eating my rose bush leaves.

There are little holes in all my rose bush leaves and I do not know what it is.

Is anyone familar with this problem and how do I get rid of the pests?

The little bugs are eating all my rose leaves and leaving holes in all of them.

Not to sure what they are and what to do?

I want to get rid of this problem cause it is getting out of hand and affecting all my rose bushes.

I live in Zone 3b. Please what can I do to rid of these bugs?

ANSWER: Hi Janet! The holes in you rose leaves are most likely caused by caterpillars.

If you go out at night with a flashlight you will see them, and you can pick them off and drop them in jar of water.

Or you can spray your roses with an insecticide for caterpillars.

You might have to spray again in 7 days to get rid of these bugs that are eating holes on your rose leaves.
Best Regards,

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