Honey Perfume Not Blooming Yet

by Damjan
(SW Ontario Canada)

I started growing roses this spring. Ten of them (QE, Moondance, Knockout) are doing great, lots of blooms. My two Honey Perfumes are growing lots of leaves, but no buds. They are in full sun, well fertilized at planting time, given liquid Miracle Gro (4/12/4) every 10 days or so and watered regularly. All roses are getting the same attention. No pests on the plants. Please, HELP!

Hello Damjan,
Just because your other roses listed are already blooming (they are early bloomers), doesn't mean that all roses start blooming at the same time.

Your honey perfume rose is obviously a later bloomer.

I have many later blooming roses in my garden, Barbara Straisand rose, is one of them.

I like a few roses that flower later, because when the earlier roses are finishing their first flower flush, your later flowering rose will come into its glory.
Here is my page about honey perfume rose.

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