Honor Rose

honor rose

White Rose Honor

The white Honor rose, a gorgeous white hybrid tea rose bush with graceful long, pointed buds that open to a delicate white rose flower.

The clean white blooms of the 'Honor' roses have a slight tea rose fragrance that is very lovely. 'Honor' is a Warriner rose that was introduced in 1978, and it received the Portland Gold Medal the same year. It is also an AARS award winning rose.

You can never go wrong when you buy an award winning rose such as 'Honor". There are good reasons why a rose wins medals and awards. It has been tested to be a tough, disease resistant, beautiful and fragrant rose.

honor rose

The growth habit of 'Honor' rose is vigorous and upright. The foilage is large, dark green and semi glossy.

This disease resistant rose plant is great in a garden or as a cut flower. The blooms are large, with 25-30 petals, and come on long stems.

'Honor' is a repeat flowering hybrid tea with a high level of disease resistance to both black spot and mildew.

The rose flowers are excellent for cutting because they last long in an arrangement. The foilage starts out bronze red and turn dark green as it ages. Zones 5-9, height 4-5.5 feet tall.


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