Hot Cocoa Rose

hot cocoa rose

Hot Cocoa With Perennials

The Hot Cocoa rose bush, a floribunda with very unique chocolate colored blooms.

These spicy cocoa roses planted with bright orange or orange blend roses, such as apricot roses, or roses in tangerine color, are hot, and will get a lot of attention, as well as be a real showcase or star attraction in your garden.

Mix in some spiky plant companions such as and you will have a most beautiful flower garden.

Try displaying these roses against a white fence or a white wall to really show off their flower colors the best and most dramatically.

The blooms are chocholate with a hint of purple, and spiced up with cinnamon-orange colors.

The flower form is flawless and the petals are thick and velvety, which usually helps them last longer in vases and arrangements.

hot cocoa rose

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Even though it is a rather new rose variety, it has become very popular and took top AARS honors in 2003, the first year it was introduced.

The gorgeous, durable flower color and strong healthy growing foilage is the rose main attributes.

The four inch flowers have a moderate, sweet spicy scent that is very pleasant.

It's a repeat blooming plant the flowers all season if deadheaded regularly.

Be sure to grow this rose in a prominent spot where it will get a lot of attention. Zones 4-9, height 3-4 feet.


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