Hot Pink Roses

hot pink roses

Pink Roses

Hot pink roses and pink roses in general are very romantic and soft. Baby pink roses such as the 'Bonica' roses are just adorable, and look lovely in vases combined with blue pansies or blue delphiniums. I have selected pictures of pink roses, an image of pink roses, that are very easy to grow and are very popular with gardeners.

There are deep pink roses and delicate pink roses as well as fragrant pink rose flowers. A pink colored rose looks especially beautiful with blue and purple companion flowers, so be sure to plant some of those in your flower beds with the pink roses.

Pictures Of Pink Roses

hot pink roses

Double Delight

The Double Delight rose is the most popular rose of the last 30 years. It's vigorous with beautiful foilage. The flowers requires sun to develop int full pink red roses. The fragrance is spicy and quite strong. It is prone to mildew in areas where mildew is a problem. Zones 6-10. Picture and information about Double Delight Rose

Carefree Delight Rose

Carefree Delight rose is winner of AARS awards in 1996. The slightly fragrant flowers have single petals with bright white eyes. This is a self-cleaning rose bush so there is no need to deadhead in order to have repeat blooms. The bush grows to about 2-3 feet high and spreding. It's winter hardy and disease free, it really lives up to its name.
For a picture of this rose and growing information, click on this link

Perfume Delight Rose

This rose received AARS awards in 1974. The large hot pink roses are intensely fragrant with a rose pefume scent. A full foilage upright plant with good disease resistance. For a picture with information about Perfume Delight rose click on this link

Ballerina Rose

For a spot that only gets filtered sun,the Bonica rose is a must. Perpetually blooming flower clusters are covered with masses of small, fragrant, pale pink roses.Click on this link for a picture of Ballerina rose with information

hot pink roses

Ambridge rose is an Englisg rose by David Austin. One of the finest of the pale pink orange roses with double large blooms that are very fragrant. A medium bushy plant, that grows to about 3-4 feet in height. The best uses for this rose are flower borders, low hedges, bedding roses, and for cuttings. Zones 4-9.

Pink Knockout Roses

The Knockout rose variety's virtual immunity to black spot has set a new standard for landscape roses. Zones 4-11. For lots more information and lots of pictures of Knockout roses in several colors, click on this link

Mary Rose

hot pink roses

Mary rose, one of the top five Englisg roses, is truly one of the hot pink roses that is magnificent. The flowers are every bit the quintessential old-fashion Damask Rose on a modern repeat-flowering bush. One could easily imagine it planted in a formal garden of yesteryear. The foliage is light green and matures to dark green and has good resistance to mildew. The irrdecent pink flowers are lightly fragrant and retain their cupped form. The bush grows to about 5 feet high and 5 feet wide, so give it plenty of room when you plant it. Zones 4-9.


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