How Can I make My Roses Bloom?

by Sharon J. Flynn
(Grand Island, FL )

QUESTION: I purchased several rose bushes this spring and while they are growing great, but no blooms are appearing.

I have treated for the mildew and the plants are doing well.

They get morning sun. I have fertilized a couple times since planting. I live in Central Florida and water often.

Should I start pruning the new growth to make the bushes start flowering?

What else can I do to encourage flowers?

How can I test the soil to make sure it is okay for the rose bushes.

There are three different roses and I don't know which ones are which.

I purchased 8 rose bushes, but only these three lived.

They were purchased as a package rather than a potted rose.

Thank you,
Sharon J. Flynn

ANSWER: Hi Sharon! Many rose varieties will not flower in the heat of the summer.

You should not prune the roses now, since this is the wrong time to prune roses in Florida.

Give your roses time to grow feeder roots so they can take up nutrients from the soil.

Here is my page about soil for roses.

Here is my page for when to prune roses.
You should also read my page about growing roses in Florida.
Best Regards,

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