How Do I Get Rid Of
Beetles That Eat My Roses?

by Darla Adams
(Corunna, MI)


I have Beetles that eat my roses every year and NOTHING I have tried has worked. Please Help me get rid of these pests.
Thank You


Hi Darla,
These are actually Japanese beetles that love to eat the rose leaves.
Japanese beetles eat the foilage of many ornamental plants, and roses are a favorite.

They often skeletonize leaves, but they also do damage to buds and flowers.
Japanese beetles can be treated in their larval stage ( a white grub that damage lawns) or as adults.
There are several biological controls such as bacterium and beneficial nematodes (tiny worm-like soil dwellers).
You can also handpick adult beetles and drop them in a bucket of soapy water to kill them.
Here is my page about Japanese beetle control.
Several other beetles infest roses, but they are red, green-spotted, or brownish. Treatment is the same as for Japanese beetles.

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