How Long Do Rose Plants Live?

by Lori
(Laurel Hill, Florida)

QUESTION: I am concerned since I did not cover my roses this year.

I did not cover them last year either. They seemed to survive.

We get frost at night sometimes and it has been cold. I did cut them down.

I noticed that some of the stalks coming from the root looked dead last year.

Could the frost have caused this?

Is there any way to make the plant healthier when this happens?

How long do rose plants last?


ANSWER: Hi Lori! If you have cold tender roses, such as hybrid tea roses, they can suffer from winter kill, if you don't cover the roses on frosty nights.

The covers should be removed during the day, if the daytime temperatures are warm.

The dead canes were most likely killed off from frost.

Once canes are dead, they should be cut off at the base.

And once they are dead, you can't bring them back, and make them live again.

Roses lasts many years, if they are cared for properly.

Antique and wild roses have been known to be around for hundreds of years.

So if you are worried about your roses not surviving frosty nights in Florida, I recommend you cover them.

Otherwise you might find that they died, from being exposed to too many frosty, cold nights.
Best Regards,

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