How To Build A Trellis

how to build a trellis

How to build a trellis, build a garden trellis for your roses the easy and fast way. Plus trellis designs to inspire you to make your own trellis.

how to build a trellis

Trellis Design by

The trellis in the picture was designed by Peter A. Kirch-Korff. I think it's an outstanding garden trellis. I put the picture here to give you some ideas about how to make your own trellis, it's a trellis design idea.

Building a trellis is actually very easy, because there are cheap wooden trellis panels, that you can customize, available at most garden centers.

You will need galvanized nail, a hammer or a nail gun, an electric hand saw, a water marker and a tape measure.

you should also purchase some decorative moldings for the top, sides and bottom of your trellis.

Easy Steps to Build a Garden Trellis

Lay the trellis panel on the ground.

Now you should decide if you want a straight top for your trellis, or a trellis with a rounded top, sort of a palladian style.

If you decide on the round top, you need to cut a circular shape, using the electric hand saw.

Outline the design first with a washable marker pen.

Attach the moldings around the trellis panel using the nail gun to drive in your nails.

Put some wood putty into the nail holes.

When dry sand it smooth.

Now you are ready to spray paint or stain your home made trellis in your favorite color.

This is exactly the way I personally built several trellises, and saved a lot of money.

Once you have done one, it's actually a piece of cake.

After the paint dries, attach the trellis to your wall, by using 4 x 4 inch wood blocks between the wall and the trellis, to create a an airspace.

Plant your roses and vines about a foot away from the wall in the center of the trellis.

Be sure to plant some low growing miniature roses at the base to hide the bare legs of the climber.

If you are planting a Clematis, they really love shady cool roots, so always plant something by the feet of a Clematis.

Here is a book that will help you build your own trellis. Just click on the link.

Trellis Designs

Here are a few really popular garden trellis designs for how to build a trellis and to inspire you to build your own trellis.

how to build a trellis

A Classic Wood Trellis

how to build a trellis

A Double Diamond Pattern Trellis

how to build a trellis

A White painted Trellis


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