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Aug 31, 2013
OLD climbing rose...maybe I should dig it UP!?
by: Jane

We moved into a house with a very old climbing rose. As there was only ONE rose on the entire plant, we thought it should be removed due to the very thorny and extensive green canes. However, that ONE rose was quite exquisite so we transplanted it with great success. It is thriving...but again, only a very few roses. We have not pruned it except to remove old and large canes; nor have we fertilized it since it seems to be thriving. Again NO roses. Thus...would we be better served to remove it and plant one of the newer ones that we have found??? thanks Jane
ANSWER: Hi Jane,
The lack of blooms could be caused by a couple of reasons.
The old climbing rose should have its short flowering shoots pruned down to about 3 inches every year. These shorter canes grow out from the long canes.
Also, if its an once-flowering climber it should only be pruned AFTER flowering in the summer, NEVER in spring before flowering.
It will only flower on last years growth.
Since you don't fertilize, I recommend you start doing that.
Here is my page about
pruning climbing roses.
Also you could benefit from reading my page about caring for roses.
Best Regards,

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