How To Make A Rose Bud Big

by Abhishek

QUESTION: I want to make a rose bud big and have good texture.

ANSWER: Hi! The hybrid tea roses, and grandiflora roses have the largest rose flowers, up to 6 inches across.

Roses that have not had ample water, or nutrients, tend to produce smaller rose blooms, so keeping your roses well-watered and fertilized is very important.

Also extreme heat can cause roses to produce smaller flowers, if they produce them at all.

A technique called Disbudding maximizes the size of a rose flower.

This technique for producing large high quality rose blooms, is used by exhibitors.

To produce a single, large beautiful rose bloom. remove all rose buds except the terminal bud at the stem's tip.

This allows all the stem's energy to go toward that one bud.

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