How To Prune Rose Bushes


Rose Pruning Basic Techniques

Here I will teach you how to prune rose bushes correctly.

Pruning rose bushes is easy if you follow a few time-tested pruning rules.

The basic principle for pruning all roses, except climbing roses, is to direct all growth outward in a regular and even fashion.

You should always keep the center open so air can circulate to prevent disease.

Rose Pruning

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When pruning roses, it's important that you make a 45-degree cut a 1/4 of an inch above an outward-facing bud.

This pruning cut ensures that the resulting cane will grow up and away from the center of the rose bush.

This also creates a more attractively shaped bush with an open center that allows for better air circulation, and is less prone to diseases.

How To Prune A Rose Bush
Rose Pruning Steps

STEP 1: First remove dead wood. It looks black or dark grey.

Then prune off rubbing or damaged stems.

Now step back to assess the plant and check out how it needs to be shaped and pruned further.

STEP 2: Prune the rest. Cut out any spindly growth that's thinner than a pencil.

Leave only four or five thick healthy canes 1 to 3 feet tall.

After pruning each plant, sterilize the shears using rubbing alcohol and paper towels to prevent spreading disease.

These steps for How To Prune Rose Bushes, apply to a bush rose, such as a shrub rose, hybrid tea or floribunda, in a cold climate zones (zones 6 or so and colder).


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