How To Transplant A Rose Bush

by Judy Kaiser
(Halethorpe, MD, USA)

Rosebush in full

Rosebush in full

question: Hi, My name is Judy Kaiser and I need some guidance on how to transplant my beautiful rosebush.

We have lived in this house for 12 years and the rose bush was here before we were.

For Mother's Day I finally got all of the bushes pulled out of my front yard.

This rosebush is the only one left. It was growing inside another bush.

It is extremely hardy and loves the cool weather.

We have cut it back once or twice, but that is about all we do.

I would like to move it to another place in my yard, where I can put a trellis behind it and let it bloom in all of its glory.

I have been reading your advice on how to do it, but unfortunately I have no clue as to what kind of rosebush it is.

Without knowing this I cannot decide which course to take.

I would appreciate any help you can provide. I am a novice at this and don't want to lose such a beautiful bush.

If you need more pictures or information, I will be glad to provide it.

I live in a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland.

Thank you,
Judy Kaiser

ANSWER: Hi Judy,
After looking at your image of the rose, it must be a shrub rose.

Hybrid Tea roses are never hardy. Can't tell what name it is of course.

Floribundas never grow this tall.

And it doesn't look like a climber because I don't see any arching canes.

But because of the height it would look good against a trellis.

You might even tie a few of the main canes and gently bend them a bit horizontally.

This will encourage short flowering shoots, that will produce more blooms all over.

Use a transplant liquid to prevent shock.

Also please read my page about transplanting roses the best way.

You don't want to kill the rose doing it.

The rose will take time to recover from the transplant, and it might not flower this season.

It will loose a lot of energy from the transplant, and it can take a season to recover from the move.

If you do it right it should be fine.
Here is the page for that:
Best Regards,

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