Hybrid Tea Rose Spring Pruning

by Sharon Stoffel
(Honey Creek Iowa)

Normally I prune my roses in the early spring, but since we have really had such cold temperatures and snow, did not go out to do this until a couple weeks ago. My roses had already put out considerable growth and I was not sure if I should prune them back to within a few inches of the bud union or not. Normally I do that and the roses do very well, but with so much growth I only pruned dead or sucker canes away, and lightly pruned the main canes. With this affect the quality and/or quantity of my blooms this year? Should I go ahead and prune them way back at this late date? Thank you so much for answering my questions. I enjoy your website.
Hi Sharon,
You did a fine pruning, based on the amount of new foilage.
You should not do a hard pruning at this late date, as it would really set the rose back, because loosing all that new foilage would result in a severe energy loss for the hybrid tea rose.
Just leave the rose as is for now. You could do a light pruning after the first flower flush in the summer, and then give it some fertilizer.
One thing you should do now is to add some Epson Salt to the soil, about half a cup, and scratch it into the soil. Then deep water the rose so it reaches the feeder roots.
I think you hybrid tea rose will flower ok. Don't forget to give it some rose food.
Always water well before and after feeding your roses.
Best Regards,

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