Iceberg Rose Bush

Iceberg Floribunda Roses

The Iceberg rose bush is my absolute favorite white rose shrub. A Gold Medal floribunda rose winner, iceberg roses deserve a lot of praise.

Although the white 'Iceberg' roses are the most popular, it is now available in pink, and burgundy color as well.

The blushing pink iceberg roses are quite beautiful and combine well with the white variety.

And the burgundy variety loks smashing combined with grey leaved and white flowers.

It is considered one of the best roses of all time.

The white variety has pure white rain resistant, shapely blooms that are long lasting, both as a cut flower and as a bush.

iceberg rose


Mature Plant Height: 3 to 4 feet.

Bloom Size: 3 inches.

Bloom Time: midseason, repeats.

Fragrance: moderate, honey-sweet.

Year Introduced: 1958.

Awards Won: Royal National Rose Society Gold Medal 1958.

American Rose Society Rating: 8.5.

Iceberg white floribunda rose is such a trouble-free rose, and so easy to grow, so be sure to plant several of these white rose bushes.

In fact they look best in mass plantings or as hedges in your garden.

I enjoy them in my garden as foundation plantings.

The white rose flowers look stunning against my green painted house.

The flowers are so lovely, a pure white color with a nice sweet rose fragrance.

They bloom non-stop all summer with only minimal care.

If you have less sun than 6 hours, the 'Iceberg' rose can get by and blooms real well with only 4 hours of sun.

It's a shade tolerant rose.

iceberg rose

The best time to prune Iceberg is late winter or early spring.

This is a floribunda rose so it should be pruned accordingly.

However with this rose, I find it's easier to simply shear it down by a third and shape it a bit around to control the size.

The individual flower sprays can have almost a dozen flowers. so one flower spray will fill up a whole vase.

The blooms can also be used in a white wedding bouguet, with other white flowers.

The white rose bush is so spectacular, it is quite a showstopper.

Every garden in the zones below, should have a few or lots of these easy to care for white roses.

Zones 5-9, bush height 3-4 feet

Here is a new 'Iceberg' rose variety!

It's called burgundy 'Iceburg', but the color is much more like purple.

Plant it with white roses, or any white flower for a stunning garden display.

iceberg rose

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Climbing Iceberg Rose

climbing iceberg rose

This rose is also available as a short climber.

Since it is not too rampart it's great for a small arbor or trellis in a smaller garden space or a balcony.

Another good way to use the climbing vareity is for lower small fences and veranda posts.

It's never without blooms, disease resistant, healthy and robust.

Pruning 'Iceberg' Roses

Climbing Iceberg care and pruning is a breeze.

Climbing rose varieties should not be pruned the first couple of years.

Give them time to grow flowering canes and train the climbers to grow horizontally and tie them to the support.

The only pruning during this time would be to remove dead or damaged wood.

When the rose is established, pruning can begin, in late winter or early spring, cut back lateral shoots growing from the main canes to about 4 inches.

Then only prune or trim back to keep the rose in bounds and growing where you like it. Go easy.

Every 3-5 years remove unproductive canes at the base. This will produce new flowering canes to grow from the base.

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