Identifying My Grandmothers Rose

by Jane
(SC, US)


I submitted a question several days ago about my grandmother's roses. I would very much like to receive your response as I intend to plant roses this spring. I saw what may be the same rose on your site, but can't locate the picture this morning.
It was your carpet rose that surrounded a fountain, I believe.
The rose had various shades of pink to white flowers depending on the age of the flower itself.
My grandmother had this rose around a pecan tree and you could also find it along ditch banks in the community. Over the years, it has disappeared probably due to grass mowing and lack of care.
I loved its delicate clusters of miniature flowers and varying shades of pink. Please let me hear from you soon.
I have searched your Q&A page and your Blog and do not see an answer to this question, nor did I find the name of the rose pictured from your garden.

Hello Jane,
Sorry for not answering your question sooner. My husband is in the hospital and had surgery so I spent a lot of time there. He is coming home this afternoon.
Here is may page about flower carpet roses.
There is a buying link under each color of carpet roses on the page.
These are the carpet roses growing in my own garden.
They are in a raised bed, because I like the way they spill over the edges.
They are also great as ground cover roses, hence their name.
The picture on the buying link is the same rose. Many times the same rose looks different in a picture, because it was taken at the online nursery.
It should look the same as the ones growing in my garden after you plant it in your garden.
Hope this helps you out.
Best Regards,

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