Incorrect Pruning

by Margaret
(Fort Payne, AL)


My red knock out roses are in one section of my courtyard and have been for three years.

This year I did the normal spring pruning and they grew and bloomed beautifully.

I them found that the entire courtyard was infested with slugs.

I have never had this problem before but this year they were everywhere. I can't stress how many too much.
Meanwhile the roses are blooming and bushier than they have ever been.

In a few days I notice the bottom leaves turning yellow, and dye off of small new stems.

When the roses faded, I cut them back severely, cleaned out under them and put out Sluggo for the slugs.
Everything looks terrible now.

Have I done the wrong thing?

What more can I do to get them back to growing and blooming?
Also. What is the best PH for Knockout Roses?

Thank you
Margaret Craft


Hello Margaret,
What you did wrong was to cut back the knockout roses severely at this time of the year.

When you remove that much foliage from a rose bush during the active growing season, it will loose a lot of energy and will not be able to produce any flowers for some time.

The bushes has to recover now, and it will take time.
Wait to fertilize until you see new growth emerging.

But keep them watered regularly.

Here is my page about soil for roses, it has all the pH information there.

The roses will recover, but it will take some time.

Maybe this early fall when the hot summer weather ends, you will have some flowers.

Don't ever severely cut back rose bushes during the active growing season.

A light trim to remove faded blooms is all that should be done.

And even then, removing as little foliage as possible is important.


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