Information About Red Hunter Rose

by Donna

Hunter Rugosa Rose

Hunter Rugosa Rose

Hunter Rugosa Rose
Paul Neyron Rose

QUESTION: I purchased a red rose named 'Hunter' but cannot find any pictures or info on it. Also heard of a thornless rose named 'Paul Neyron'. Do you have any info or a picture of it?
ANSWER: Hello Donna,
Yes I have. The Hunter rose is a hybrid rugosa rose that was introduced by Mattock, Britain in 1961. It repeats well and has a sweet scent. It's unusual because a bright red rose is not common for rugosa roses. The blooms are double but not especially large.
It flowers profusely in the first flush and thereafter on a lesser scale well into fall.

The Paul Neyron rose is an old hybrid perpetual rose from 1869, Levet, France.
One hundred years ago this rose was thought as the largest rose ever, it's flowers being 6.3 -6.7 inches in favorable conditions.

The blooms are deep rose pink with hint of lilac.
It does well in hot dry climates, if given food and lots of water.
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