Ingrid Bergman Rose Bush

Rose 'Ingrid Bergman' Hybrid Tea Rose

Ingrid Bergman rose bush is a wonderful rose that has been acclaimed in rose trials all over the World. A great red hybrid tea rose.

Rose 'Ingrid Bergman's high quality flowers are velvet red, fully double and very fragrant.

The colors hold well, and new flowering shoots appear freely after each flush of blooms.

ingrid bergman rose

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'Ingrid Bergman' rose has a vigorous, upright growth and dark green leathery leaves.

It's a strong rose plant, almost entirely disease free and worth a place in any rose garden, as 'Ingrid Bergman' gives so much pleasure and is so beautiful.

ORIGIN: Poulsen, Denmark, 1984.

PARENTAGE: 'Precious Platimum' x seedling.

FLOWER SIZE: 3.9 inches (10 cm).

SCENT: medium and sweet.

FLOWERING: repeats well.

HEIGHT/SPREAD: 2.7 feet (80cm)/2.3 feet (70).

HARDINESS: zone 5.

AWARDS: Madrid Gold Medal 1986, Golden Rose of the Hague 1987. Belfast Gold Medal 1995.

Growing Tips

Always plant it in full sun and in rich well-drained soil that you have amended with 50% organic compost.

I recommend that you underplant the this rose with a low-growing blue perennial geranium, such as 'Roxanne", or with the 'Bluebird' Nemesia perennials.

The blue colors look stunning under any red or pink rose bushes.

Underplanting will also keep the roots cool and will help with moisture loss. I always underplant my roses with low-growing groundcovers or very short perennials.


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