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intrigue rose

Floribunda 'Intrigue' Roses For Sale

Floribunda Intrigue rose pictures with growing information.

You'll find 'Intrigue' roses for sale here.

What you'll like first about 'Intrigue' is its color.

It has a beautiful rich purple color when it opens.

But then you'll fall in love with the wonderful strong rose scent, its vigor, and its flowering abundance.

The flower color is gorgeous, even when it fades later, to magenta, as the bloom ages.

intrigue rose

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The flowers come in large clusters, typical for Floribunda roses, of about 5-15 blooms on long stems, that are perfect for a flower arrangement.

The 'Intrigue' rose repeat flowers very well, and the bush is rarely out of flowers.

It's a tall growing bush with an upright growth habit.

You will like the healthy foilage, with medium dark leaves that are glossy.

intrigue rose

It's an excellent garden rose and very popular, although not well known outside North America.

The strong lemon scented, well formed blooms, are made up of about 20 petals.

When I look at the rich purplish flowers, they remind me of a nineteenth century rose.

The flowers, like I mentioned before, are good for cutting. A couple of flower sprays fills up one vase.

As it flowers and repeat blooms all summer and well into fall, it's quite a valuable plant for your garden.

And the warm coloring of this rose goes well with many other garden flowers, so it is good to plant it in mixed flower borders, as well as in beds with one rose variety.

The rose was introduced by Warriner USA, in 1982, and received the AARS Award in 1984.

Zones 6-11, height 5.7 feet, spread 4 feet.


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