Is Blush Noisette Particularly Thirsty ?

by Claudia
(Chelles near Paris, France)


Dear Annelie,
I have recently bought and planted a Blush noisette but I find it doesn't look very well. It looks better since I water it more but I'm afraid to water it too much : I do have quite many other roses and none of them seem to want so much water... ! I am perplexed.
Thank you for your time !


Hello Claudia,
This is what is happening. You have recently planted the blush noisette rose.

Newly planted roses need a lot more moisture than established roses.

So yes it needs a lot more water than your other roses.

Most roses, in fact all roses, need water on a regular basis.

If you have good drainage, it's pretty hard to over water roses.

Here is my page about watering roses.

The Blush Noisette roses do not need any more water than other roses do.

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