Is it too late for me to plant a rose bush?

QUESTION: Hi, my name is Carissa. I live in northern Minnesota in zone 3. I want to plant a rose bush, but I'm not quite sure I should plant now. I read to plant in the fall, & I have also read on another website to not plant in August or September but to rather plant in October for north central areas.
Although this fall we have already had a few nights of frost & its been a fairly cold fall so far, I'm wondering if a few nights of frost could damage the rose bush before it even gets a chance. Weather reports predict the temps to warm up again. Is it too late for me to plant a rose bush?

Thanks, Carissa
ANSWER: Hi Carissa,
Fall planting of rose bushes should be done about six weeks before the first frost date.

That will give the plant time to grow feeder roots below ground and get established before winter cold weather comes.

Without established feeder roots, the rose bush will not be able to take up nutrients and moisture, and could more easily suffer from winter kill.

You region has already had frost nights, so I think you better put off planting until spring time to be on the safe side.

Best Regards,

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