Is It Too Late To Plant?

by Sidonie

I live in coastal MS and have some Eden roses. One died and I'm wondering if it's too hot to replace it with a new one. Temps are high 80's - low 90's and high humidity.


Hello Sidonie,
You can plant roses anytime. But hot summers are not the ideal time to plant roses, but it can be done if you take special care.

However, since it's hot now, you really need to pay attention to moisture and watering.

Also protect the rose's roots and don't expose the roots to the hot sun. Use an umbrella when planting it.

Keep in mind that roses slow flower production during very hot weather to conserve energy, so do not expect a lot of blooms during the summer.

Wait to fertilize for awhile. The rose needs time to grow feeder roots below first.

And please add about 3 inches of a good quality mulch on top after planting.

This will help keep the roots cool and conserve moisture.

I also recommend using Miracle Gro planting soil for roses in the planting hole.

It has all the nutrients your rose plant will need.

Adding a cup of Epson Salt to the planting hole will also help a lot.

You might want to read my page about planting roses.

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