Jackmanii Clematis
Clematis And Roses

jackmanii clematis

Clematis Jackmanii Pruning Tips
For Clematis Group 3

Jackmanii Clematis information for when to prune, planting and growing, and pruning tips.

Clematis Jackmanii planting and care of climbing Clematis x Jackmanii superba.

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Clematis vines, such as Jackmanii, are low maintenance garden plants, that are ideal companion plants for roses, as their slender twining vines wind themselves, without help from you, around the rose stems.

They should be planted in full sun with moist, fertile soil that drains well. The same as for roses.

jackmanii clematis

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Picture of Clematis Jackmanii

It's important to mulch the root area to give it shade and cool the soil.

I usually put a potted plant at the base over the mulched root area. This gives it enough shade.

Clematis plants like cool root soil, so do whatever you can to keep the roots cool and moist.

C.xJackmanii has large violet purple flowers that flowers early in the summer, and sporadically throughout the summer.

It's a vigorous, large flowered plant from Clematis Group 3, is best grown around dooways, windows, or on focal point trellis on a patio.

This way you can really enjoy the stunning flower show of the gorgeous single, purple blooms.

It would look striking planted with the white climbing iceberg rose, or the pale pink Eden rose.

Clematis Jackmanii - When To Prune

C.jackmanii belong to Clematis Group 3, and only flowers on new wood, so therefore should be pruned in late winter or early spring, depending on your growing zone.

Pruning tips: prune all stems down about 24 inches above the soil in early spring or late winter. It's so easy to prune this plant. No guessing!


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