Jacobs Ladder Plant

jacobs ladder plant

Polemonium 'Jacobs Ladder' Perennial Varieties

Here are the best Jacobs Ladder plant varieties for sale! Yes you can buy them here.

Some of the Polemonium 'Jacobs Ladder' perennial plants have blue violet flowers, white or purple flower clusters at the stem tips of this clump forming plant.

I love the fine textured foilage which is so complimentary to roses and other perennial flowers.

It's a sort of an unusual perennial plant, which makes it so much more desirable. You don't find it anywhere.

But you can find it here and buy it, have the 'Jacobs ladder' plant sent to your home in time for planting.

jacobs ladder plant JACOB'S LADDER 'BRESSINGHAM PURPLE' / 1 gallon Potted

josephs ladder plant JACOB'S LADDER 'BRISE d' ANJOU' / 1 gallon Potted

jacobs ladder plant 'Snow and Sapphires' Variegated Jacob's Ladder

jacobs ladder plant JACOB'S LADDER 'STAIRWAYTO HEAVEN' / 1 gallon Potted

jacobs ladder plant Jacob's Ladder (Polemonium reptans) Jumbo Wildflower Seed Packet - 100 Seeds

jacobs ladder plant Botany Plants C1902 Jacob'S Ladder Polemonium Caeruleum

Care Of 'Jacobs Ladder' Perennial Plant

Plant 'Jacobs Ladder' in a soil that is rich in organic matter, such as composted manure.

The plant tolerate partial shade and alkalinity.

They don't do well in heat and humid climates, or drought.

Water regularly and have good drainage, the same as for roses.

As the flowering subsides, cut back hard to encourage new foilage to grow back.

Divide plants every three to four years. They are very easy to move.


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